Ashish Malhotra

Founder and Director, Netsoft Consulting Services & Director, bitgrit

"Joey is a charismatic, hardworking and a passionate man. He knows clearly what to achieve before starting any task. His marketing and people skills are exceptional. A true asset any company."

Femi Oye

CEO, SMEFUNDS & Chief Architect, OneWattSolar

"In a world littered with 'noise-makers' called 'experts' - It takes a second-chance to connect with 'doer' like Joey!

We were looking for an industry leader to help curate a story and brand that stands-out. Joey instantly recognized what we are trying to do and didn't hesitate to offer his help and crafted a complex marketing and business development plan.

He redefines words like integrity, authenticity and genuine and works harder than anyone else.

You see by his work that he genuinely wants to make good projects succeed and doesn't stop at anything to make it happen.

If you need a 'no-nonsense' writer and marketing guy, Joey is your go-to man."

Frederik Bussler

Founder, Security Token Alliance

"There are extremely few people I've come across in the world who have integrity, and I can't say it's a pleasure to work with anyone who lacks integrity.

Many entrepreneurs overstate their value to raise more funding, many sales people lie about the product to close deals, many applicants will exaggerate their skills and interest to get the job, many developers will pretend some feature is much more difficult to create than it really is, and ultimately, many people lie to themselves.

Integrity is doing what you know you need to do.

It's the single most important quality I look for in anyone, and Joey is a man of integrity."

Alyze Sam

Director, Give Nation and World Ethical Data Forum

"Joey is a kind professional with a wonderful heart. I recommend him to anyone wanting to make a positive impact! Thank you so much for the professional working relationship over the years, Joey!"

Guru Raj Awate

Clinical Research Scientist, Maharashtra Health Sciences

"Joey's responses are always prompt and well researched. He doesn't shy away from aiming for moonshots. I will always recommend Joey where there's a need for effective people."

Kazuya Saginawa

CEO, DataGateway

"Joey is very capable as a brand manager with an abundance of experience. He changed the way we handle SNS to what we now believe is the most effective way. His knowledge in how to build and manage a community earned him the trust of many."

Leo Petersen-Khmelnitski

Editor In Chief, Digital Asset Live

"Joey is a true master of short to medium texts. He possesses the rare ability to explain complicated issues in a way understandable to all. He manages a story, and has a witty style."